We offer baled straw for sale - $4.00 per bale.  The straw is baled from wheat that has NOT been treated with any conventional fertilizers or pesticides. Our straw is conveniently located in a self-serve barn on the north side of our driveway for ease of loading.  If you would like large quantities, please call ahead so we can accommodate you. Otherwise, please feel free to visit our self serve barn at your leisure. The door on the barn slides open to the left, and there is an orange box on the barn for money. (Cash or check made out to Wilcox Heritage Farm).

2019 Straw is baled and ready for you. Just a note though - this year's straw is "John Deere themed", meaning you will find some clover in the bales. 

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Self Serve Straw Barn
2019 Straw