From the Farm Products

We have a variety of "From the Farm" Products available.  Products are subject to availability and you may just find something new on this page if Jenny's creative juices are flowing.  

As with all of our farm-grown products, none of these products have been chemically treated in any fashion.

Farm Fresh Eggs - $3/dozen

Our chickens have as much access to pasture as possible and are never kept in cages. 

Mulberry Jam $9/pint 

Cherry Rhubarb Jam $9/pint

Made with Michigan Cherries, Rhubarb from our farm, cane sugar, organic lemon juice and Pomona's Pectin

Pure Lard

Made from rendered pork leaf fat.  No additives. $15/Quart, $8/Pint

Non-GMO Suet Cakes

Made from rendered pork lard and organic and Non-GMO grains. No additives.  $1.75 each


Your choice of corn, chicken or pig.  Handmade by Jenny.  $3 each or 2 for $5 

Sunflower Art

*Limited quantity available - $15 each* These are ON SALE right now.


Another "Jenny" creation.  Jenny has been a basket weaver since her 4-H days. These baskets are woven around an up-cycled glass jar and are ready to showcase your flowers. Each basket is unique.  If you prefer a specific color, please let us know.