Apple Raspberry Sauce

This is applesauce, just with raspberries added.  :)  I was really excited this year that both apples and raspberries were ready at the same time.  My Uncle Dan blessed us with fresh apples, and my neighbors blessed us with raspberries.  So, I decided to combine them into some delciousness. 

How to make it:
Start with 1/2 bushel of apples.  Wash them and make sure there is no dirt on them.  In my case, these apples had never been sprayed or treated with chemicals, so I didn't have to be too fussy when I washed them.

Have two quarts of raspberries ready to go - sort through them and remove any bad ones.
Next, remove the stems from the apples, and cut them into quarters.  Be sure to remove any bad or bruised spots.

  Place quartered apples into pan and add the raspberries.

Put just enough water in the pan so that the fruit doesn't stick to the bottom.  I don't really measure here, just kind of guess.  You should have about 1-2 inches of water in the pan.  If you put too much water in, your applesauce will be runny.

Place the pan on medium heat, cover, and cook until fruit is soft (about 2-3 hours).  Be sure to stir rather frequently.

Fruit is cooking, but not quite ready yet.

Fruit has cooked down, is soft, and ready for the next step.

Now that the fruit is ready, it is time to put it through the strainer.  I LOVE this device!  It cranks out super smooth sauce and discards the skins, seeds and other unwanted material. It is definitely worth the investment.

Remove your hot fruit from heat.  Scoop into the bowl on the machine, and crank away.  My kids have taken over this job.  They think it's fun, and I love that they love helping, so I let them help away. One loads the fruit, one mashes the fruit down, and one cranks.  They are awesome!

Now, here's what you have left:
Beautiful sauce

 and the discarded parts.

Now, put the sauce into a large pan, and back on heat.  You want to bring this to a slight boil for about 5 minutes.   Put into jars, remove air bubbles, add lids and rings, and hot water bath.  Process pints and quarts for 20 minutes.

Finished product!