Pork Products

We offer pork for purchase in a few different ways. 

By the piece, by the half or whole hog, or feeder pigs to purchase and raise on your own. Our by the piece option is available year round. Other options are available on a limited basis

We currently have several options available for our pork by the piece.  

Delivery or on-farm pick up available.  If you would like to come check out our farm "store", please text (989) 640-8016 to make sure we are there or to set up an appointment.  Thank you! 

Our pork by the piece is processed at Ebel's , a USDA inspected facility. Our selections are free of nitrates and full of goodness.
Bacon - Regular or Pepper $9.50/lb
Jowl Bacon $9.50/lb
Bratwurst - Reg. or Garlic Parm $8.00/lb
Canadian Bacon $8.00/lb
Chorizo $5.00/lb
Ground Pork $5.00/lb
Hams (3-4# each) $7.00/lb
Ham Hocks $5.50/lb
Ham Slices (lunchmeat) $7.50/lb
Ham Steaks $7.00/lb
Pork Chops (Boneless or Bone-In) $7.50/lb
Pork Loin Roast (Boneless) $7.50/lb
Pork Roast (Boston Butt) $7.50/lb
Pork Steak $8.00/lb
Ribs (Baby Back or Spare) $7.00/lb
Sausage - Bulk $5.00/lb
Sausage - Links $7.00/lb
Tenderloin $8.50/lb

Here are a few samples of our products:

Our bratwurst is pre-cooked, so you just have to heat and eat.  
Available in Regular or Garlic Parmesan.  

Hams come in 3-4# sizes. 

Jowl Bacon comes in 1# packages.  
This bacon comes from the "jowl" or cheeks of the pig. 

Our Pepper Bacon comes pre-seasoned with crack blacked pepper.  
Comes in 1# packages. 

This is our "lunchmeat" style ham, called "Ham Slices" on our order form/product list.  This is precooked. Just thaw and use to make sandwiches or put in casseroles.  Comes in 1# packages. 

This is our regular bacon.  As with all of our bacon it is nitrate and MSG free. 
Comes in 1# packages.

Our sausage links come in 1# packages.  No nitrates or MSG added. 

Our chorizo sausage is not too spicy. It has a nice warm flavor. 
Comes in 1# packages. 

Our pork chops are delicious and juicy. 2 per package. 

Our boneless pork chops come two per package. Tender, moist and delicious!

Breakfast sausage no nitrates or MSG.  1 pound packages. 

Perfect to put on your grill this spring and summer, or any way you cook them. 
You can choose from spare ribs or baby back. 1-2# packages.