About Our Products

On our farm, we strive to produce an end product that you can feel good about purchasing.

Our meat products come from humanely raised animals that are fed organic and or/non-GMO feed and pastured. Our animals are never treated with hormones. The animals' feed is ground and mixed on site by Kevin. We believe in giving our animals the best life possible before they are sent to be processed.

Our meat is processed at an inspected USDA facility.

We never sell anything that we wouldn't eat ourselves. This means that before we sell any meat product, we cook and test it. Should you ever have any questions or concerns about our products, please contact us. If the meat doesn't taste right, or if you find a bad egg in a dozen, we want to know, and we want to make it right.

Our straw is made from wheat that has not been chemically treated.

If you would like to visit our farm to purchase products, please contact us. Also, if you are coming to the farm to purchase products, our farm "store" is located on the north side of our driveway.

Our farm store is located in the pole barn on the north side of our driveway. When you pull in, pull slightly past the self-serve straw barn.  You can pull right onto the cement pad in front of the pole barn. 


Entrance to get your meat.  :)  Just let us know you're coming and we'll be there to meet you.

Freshly harvested crop.