It's finally spring

So... I dropped the ball on the weekly blog post.  I had GREAT intentions... and then the internet went out for almost a full week, life happened, and this fell to the bottom of my list. I'm going to try again on the weekly post idea. Spring is a great time to start fresh, right?

Michigan weather has been quite the roller coaster ride this winter/early spring.  It has gone from warm to cold, to wet and muddy, to snowy and icy, and back to warm again.  I think it is going to stay warm this go-around.  The very wet weather in the early spring gave us the opportunity to put one of my recent auction purchases to good use.  Very glad the new sump pump worked!

Standing water in the yard also means standing water in the basement... nothing was damaged and our (new) sump pump did the trick!

Spring means the start of farmers markets and one of our favorite events, the Eat Healthy Eat Local Festival.  Big shout out to Brent and Megen from Oh MI Organics for starting this wonderful event!

The festival is on Saturday May 12, in downtown St. Johns from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Here is a preview of what we will be offering there (this and so much more!) -
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Kevin drove truck this winter for Four Seasons Transport and enjoyed his time doing that. Now it's back to preparing equipment and making sure everything is set for field work. 

Kevin has been replacing parts on our offset disc. 

Organic corn seed waiting to grow.  :) 

A truly welcome sight this spring has been our wheat field greening up. Due to several circumstances, our wheat was late getting planted in the fall. One of the fields is still struggling and may end up getting planted into corn, but we are glad to have at least one field of wheat that looks promising.  

I have been working on being an organized gardener this year and have several seedlings started indoors. Fresh food.... mmmm.... 

The washer has been acting up and we discovered that the belt is very loose on it - on a Saturday (the parts store is closed). So, what's a girl to do? Put one of those nice vintage "decorations" to good use, of course. I got to do some laundry old school today. I have always admired life on the prairie (and sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong century). This morning I got to live the prairie dream, albeit for a brief time. It really was fun. There is joy in simple things. Our pace of life is so hurried, that sometimes it is good to slow down and enjoy the simple things.  

Wishing you a beautiful Saturday!