Weekly Farm Update

Happy Snowy Monday, friends!

What started out as a snowy week ended well, as a snowy week! On Monday it looked as if there was a big meeting out at our barns. It really was only a meeting of two people, two trucks, and two tractors as bystanders.  :)  Kevin is driving truck for a friend of ours right now and they were swapping tractors.  

Meeting of the tractors

The kids (and I) enjoyed playing in the snow and sledding down our barn hill. There were a lot of beautiful wintry scenes around the farm as well.  Here are a few snapshots:

Snowy Day Fun

I call this one "Icicles on Hog Panel "

Gino, Penny, and Charlotte say hello. 

Snow angels aren't just for making on the ground anymore!

Much of my week was spent sitting in front 88 black and white keys - 

On Saturday I accompanied 23 events from three school districts at Solo and Ensemble festival in Bay City. I spent many hours during the week rehearsing with the students.  Scheduling proved to be somewhat of a challenge because of all of the snow and the snow days that the schools had. But, I managed to get most of them fit in, so that was a blessing. Accompanying is one of my favorite off-the-farm jobs, and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to do it. 

Since I didn't have to leave for Bay City until Friday afternoon, and I didn't see any sense in warming up the car just to deliver eggs to the neighbor's house Friday morning, I enjoyed a snowy walk.  :)  It made me feel like I was in days of old, walking to the neighboring farm with fresh eggs.  The plow truck hadn't been down the road yet, so it felt somewhat like walking down a snowy trail (except when the few-and-far-between car came by). 

Yes, the road has been plowed in this photo...I forgot to take a picture of the unplowed road I enjoyed on my walk.
But, you can see the neighbor's farm just past the tree line.

The sun is shining today and it feels oh so wonderful. I sat on the window seat with a cup of coffee this morning just to soak in some of that sweet sunshine. Have a wonderful week!