The first one

Hello readers! 

This is what I hope to be the first of many weekly farm updates. A friend mentioned how little I update my blog and it was a good push for me to decide to do a weekly update for you. :) 

Some of the recent farm happenings include shipping out our corn to Canada. That was a big milestone for us - storing our own grain this year for the first time and being able to ship it out in January. We have previously not had the storage capacity to do this. (Again, we are helpful for all who helped with our grain bin project, and for friends/neighbors who helped with our past storage issues).

Today we're watching the snow fall, having Nerf gun battles and getting ready to watch the Super Bowl. We are going to enjoy some of our homegrown chicken wings tonight as well as a Super Bowl tradition that started long ago with my family, roasted garlic.  Mmmm..... 

Speaking of homegrown chicken wings.... we are gathering orders for our 2018 growing season. You can fill out our google form, or I can send you a form via email or snail mail.  Let us know how we can help you put chemical free, pastured deliciousness on your table this year.  :)   

In our prepping for spring, we have added a new boar to our flock, Gino. We have cross bred two of our sows with him, hoping for some nice litters of Large Black/Berkshire piglets. We will still have a little of purebred Large Blacks as well.

Enjoy your week, with this farewell from Gino.  :)