The difference a year makes

Hello, readers!  I know I say this every time I write a post, but it's been a long time, and I am sorry!  I have been more faithful at keeping our facebook page up to date.  My goal is to keep this page current as well. A lot has happened since I last posted, some of those things very big.

Some of you will remember that last fall we took down the silos that have stood on this farm for several decades. We needed a place to store our grain, being that the organic market is different than the conventional one, and sometimes we cannot ship our grain until several months after harvest. There was no grain set up here, so the silos had to come down to make way for grain bins.

Last year:
View from the back while the silos were still standing

One silo partially down

Both silos down

This year:
The hopper bottom is built, and the rocket fan is being set in place

The powerhouse is set and awaiting cement.

Top of the grain bin is built.  We had to hire a crane to set it on the hopper bottom. 

Bin getting set in place.

Current view of the barnyard.  Two more bins will be placed on hopper bottoms on the cement pad. 

We are so grateful for all the help and support of our family and friends during this big project.  We could not have done it without you!  

Another major transition we have made is that Kevin is now a full time farmer. At the end of July this year he left his day job to farm full time. Trying to keep up with the farm and having a full time day job was just not feasible any more. It has been wonderful having him home - this summer we were able to do a couple of fun day trips with the kids, and we all get to see each other for all the meals of the day.  :)  

Other big news is that our meat is now available at both Foods for Living and at Phillips Orchard. 
We also keep our pork by the piece products stocked at the farm.  :) 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!