Multi-purpose Tools and More

Happy Wednesday!

First, I would like to share that we are offering Holiday Meat Bundles - you can order online using this link.  We offer a great selection of quality meat, as well as fresh bread, jam, and eggs.

This week, an outdoor tool came in the house while I tackled a project upstairs. Some time ago I discovered beautiful hard wood floor under the linoleum in the room we call "the library." I have picked at the linoleum here and there, and on Sunday afternoon I picked at a little more - and then A LOT more. I was now knee deep in tearing the linoleum out and there was no stopping. I worked at it for a couple hours on Sunday afternoon and was pleased with my progress. Monday after we were done with school I decided to wipe down the area of floor that I was done with, move the furniture, and then finish the room. There was a bit of tar paper and glue left from the linoleum on the wood floor that I had to scrape off. I started with a plastic refinishing tool, then upgraded to the putty knife. Kevin reminded me of the big scraper we had in the barn, and I thought, "sure, why not?" In came the scraper (which was originally a tool used to help with re-roofing projects). This tool now seen its third use in life.
Me with the scraper in the library (sounds like something from the game Clue!)

The scraper. 

After a few hours and many sore muscles later, mission accomplished! I am so happy about my find and super excited that I don't have to refinish the floor. I will probably put a coat or three of polyurethane on it in the spring when I can open the windows. Hooray for hidden treasures in the house! :) I'm 90% certain that this same wood floor is underneath carpet in one of the bedrooms, so we will see what else I do in the house in the spring. Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to spending time in the library this winter reading, crafting, and sewing. :)

The finished room

From our family to yours, we wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!