It's been a while!

Hello readers!

It's been a LONG time since I've posted, and I apologize.  I started the facebook page and have been updating that... and neglecting the blog.  In just 16 short days it will officially be summer. Our spring days have been filled with getting the fields ready to plant, planting, fixing equipment, baby chicks, our first school group tour, and several other projects.  Our barn hill and bridge area needed reinforced, so that is one project that has been on the short list.  Here are a couple pictures of getting the concrete blocks in place. We're very thankful for our good friend that has been helping us out the past few weeks. He's made many jobs much easier.

We'll soon have lots of baby pigs (we hope!)... we have 3 sows almost ready to deliver.  Here is Rue resting in the afternoon:

The turkeys are growing and thriving. They are very social and a lot of fun to watch. 
They tend to stick together in a big group all the time. 

Another thing we did this year was get some grapevines in.  My aunt and uncle decided they were done with grapes and let me have their grapevines. They took root and are growing.  I am so happy!  Hoping to fill some canning jars with grape juice this fall.  
All of the crops are in the ground now and starting to emerge from the soil. It's always a good day when you see the crops growing. It's comforting to know that the seed isn't sitting in the ground rotting. Now that the crops are in and growing, Kevin will be going over the fields with the rotary hoe for weed control. Being an organic farm, we do not use chemicals to control our weeds, so, until the crops get too tall for the equipment to get through, Kevin will be going over the fields to stay ahead of the weeds. 

About half of the garden is planted - hoping to finish that up this week. We made the garden a little smaller this year, and I'm trying some new things like planting my rows closer together and planting squash in between the corn rows. I'm hoping that the plants will canopy and have better weed control. I'm also spreading straw between my rows shortly after seeding to hopefully get ahead of the weeds.  I decided against planting carrots this year as well. Sam's has such a good price on organic carrots that it seems my efforts on trying to grow carrots are better spent elsewhere. There's one more way to try to grow carrots that we haven't done yet. Maybe we'll try it yet this year. Do any of you readers have successful carrot growing stories?  

In other food-growing news, the mulberries are starting to form on the trees, so that means it will be mulberry jam time soon!  If you haven't done so yet, you can pre-order some of our jam

We are also looking at getting our meat into some stores, so be on the lookout for that. Our pork products are available for purchase on the farm or delivery. Check out what we have to offer, and let us help put some great meat on your table. Our pork is pasture and non-GMO raised, no hormones or antibiotics, and MSG and Gluten free.  :) We have several cuts in stock and ready to go from our freezer to your table.