Thanksgiving Funnies and New Meat

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I cooked one of our own turkeys, and.... it was too big for the roaster pan.  I cooked a beautiful 27 pounder.

I got up at 5:33 (I like setting odd times on my alarm clock) and started the turkey. I used Fannie Farmer's butter basting method. After getting it all prepped, I realized that the lid wasn't going to fit. So, I improvised and taped aluminum foil on the lid to cover the gaps. Then I went back to bed for a while. When I got up again and checked it, it hadn't cooked quite as much as I thought it should have, so into the oven it went. It finished cooking in the oven really nicely, and came out super moist and tasty.

While the turkey finished cooking, I cooked the potatoes for mashed potatoes, and my Mom helped me finish getting those ready. They tasted great. So, we set them on the back burner to keep warm (where the oven vents). Somehow that back burner ended up getting turned on (still haven't figured out how). Sadly, the potatoes got slightly scorched. Mom doctored them up with some extra sour cream and butter. No one even noticed, and they still ended up tasting okay.  Those are my two Thanksgiving funnies.

Kevin found an awesome new recipe for Green Bean Salad. Click here to see it. It was a new hit at the table. It was full of good flavors, and disappeared before I was able to snap a picture. There are no leftovers from that. It was that good. It is definitely a make-again recipe. I am so glad he found it.

For Black Friday today, I went up to Graham's Organics and picked up our new cuts of nitrate free pork by the piece. We have sampled the meat and it is amazing. The bacon tastes like candy, and everything is just really good. We have 12 different varieties of pork cuts for you to try.  Check it out here. This page lists all of our current selection from three different processors.

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