Fall News and Flash Sale

Greetings, everyone!  We got a zebra!

Just kidding.... we didn't really.  This one is one we seen while on a trip to Anderson & Girls.

While fall harvest season is already a busy time for us, we decided to throw a little extra fun onto the plate and do some rearranging.  :)  We have a few different projects going on amid the field work. The barnyard is going to get a makeover, as are a few other areas of the grounds.

Today is the last day the view of the barnyard will look like this.  Tomorrow the silos fall. 

Kevin's been doing some prepwork to get things ready.
This has involved a lot of moving things around, and prepping the silos.

After demolition, I hope to have a video uploaded of the happenings.

Remember the rock pile I was working on?  I have completed the sorting of that, and now Kevin is preparing to make that into a driveway/lane for our pastures.

Here's a pic of it almost done.

Just one of the piles of fence posts, barbed wire, and woven wire fence I dug out of the pile: 

And some silverware I found in the pile (no kidding!):

Picture of the area ready to be made into driveway/lane:

On the rainy days and in the evenings I have been working on stripping the upstairs woodwork.  I knew there was beautiful woodwork under the paint.
I now have all the paint almost stripped off... more pictures to come when the project is done.

Now, for some fun stuff.  Wyatt is now in band at Ovid Elsie Middle School.  They had their fist concert last night, and were given the opportunity to perform in costume.
Iron Man plays the Horn

We made a trip to Anderson & Girls orchard in Stanton with some friends.  That was a lot of fun!

Camel saying hi



While supplies last, we are running a sale on some of our pork by the piece.  For full details of that, please follow this link.