Snapshots of Summer

I hate to admit it, but summer is nearly over (gasp!).  We usually start school a couple weeks before Labor Day so that we finish up in May to mid-May... and now that time is nearly upon us.  I had intended to start our school year on August 22nd, but we will see... the lesson plans and supplies are not quite put together yet, but I have made a few dents in them.

4H fair was the first week of August, and the harvesting of crops and animals has kept our days filled. The kids and I have also been enjoying my parent's pool. My mom remarked the other day how we are on our third month of swimming now for the summer. In summers past it has been too chilly to even merit swimming so often as we are now. On days like today, where it feels ten degrees warmer than the thermometer reads and the humidity makes my hair look wild and crazy, the pool is a welcome reprieve. Anytime I go out to check turkey and/or chicken waterers, Boss, our boar waits for me to spray him with the hose. If there were a pool that he could jump in, I think he'd actually do it.
Boss waiting for me to spray him down.

Sitting contentedly after getting sprayed with cool water.

Fun farm fact about pigs - did you know that pigs cannot sweat? Spraying Boss down with cool water helps him cool off because his body cools as the water evaporates off of him. I guess we should appreciate our sweat more... it's our own built in cooling system. :)  

Here are a few snapshots from our week of 4H fair:

Norah's last year as a cloverbud.  Yes, she did have a blue sno cone before this picture was taken.... :)

Wyatt got to take his chicken "Bonnie" to the fair.  

Wyatt and his drawing of one of our tractors.  He does not get his drawing skills from me... we are thankful for art teachers along the way who have been able to help Wyatt develop his gift for drawing.

Norah and her hand formed pottery angel.  Also thankful for a great pottery teacher for helping 
Norah develop her gift with pottery.

John doing the pedal pull.  Next year, John gets to participate in fair as a cloverbud.

Wyatt and his pigs. They were the only Large Blacks at the fair - he took some of our homegrown pigs, and enjoyed his swine project and showing the pigs.

We are so blessed to have a wonderful 4H program in our county, and are so thankful for the many volunteers and parents who make this program possible. 

Here are a couple other snapshots from summer
Wheat harvest

Homegrown salad 

Baby robin fresh from the nest

Canning season has started for me. I was able to can 11 quarts of green beans this week, and it looks like more are ready to pick. I am very thankful for this - I do love canning, and I love home grown food.  

I wanted to also thank all of our customers who have supported us and have been buying fresh chickens and/or pork this summer.  We are about halfway through meat chicken harvesting season. The chickens have not fared as well as we would have hoped this season - between the predators and the heat, we have lost more than we would have liked. So, thank you also for your patience to the customers whom we have had to rearrange orders on.