Seeds and Announcements

Planting has been happening in full force the past couple weeks. We are thankful for the dry stretch of weather so that we could get the crops in.

Planter filled with corn seed ready to go in the field.

Our friend Randy is fitting the field while Kevin follows with the planter.

Getting it done!

We are thankful to have West Farm Services spread our turkey litter for us this year. 
They did an excellent job.

Our first batch of meat chicks arrived a couple weeks ago.  Here are a couple photos for comparison so you can see how fast they grow:
2 day old baby chicks

2 week old chicks

Now the announcements - 
We now have a farm logo! Here it is:

With the help of a friend, we were able to get a logo done. Soon we will have a new sign at our farm, and we hope to have our logo on other items as well.  A very HUGE thank you goes out to our friend Brian Jeffs, who was a genius in helping us with the logo.  The logo wouldn't exist without the wonders he did.  Thanks, Brian!

About Facebook:
If you are my friend on Facebook and have noticed that I have not commented or liked any posts in a while, please do not be offended.  For the time being I am only checking messages and notifications - not scrolling through the newsfeed.  I realized that I was spending too much time in front of the screen scrolling and clicking. I still check my messages and notifications once a day, so you can still reach me there. I check my email regularly, and can also be contacted by phone at our home phone.