Our new sign is done and up!  Thanks to all the many who helped make it possible - Brian Jeffs for helping us with the logo, Mary Kiger for helping me make stencils so I could stencil the boards, Wyatt for helping cut the boards, Kevin for helping me get the frame ready and putting it up, and Michigan Graphics & Signs for making the sign for us. 

Our corn has started growing!  Hooray!  :)  Kevin has been busy going over the fields with the rotary hoe and cultivator to keep the weed pressure down. Even though the planting of the crops is done, being organic means that the field work stays steady until the crops are too tall to get the implements over the fields. The fields need gone over about once every 3 days, and with 4 fields in the rotation, that pretty much means a field a day. So far the weed pressure hasn't been too bad since the weather has been so dry. 

The meat chickens are out on pasture now in a really nice shelter that Kevin came up with the idea for and built.  The chickens are using nipple waterers now, which is an extremely nice option. These birds tend to go through a lot of water, so the new watering system alleviates the need to refill the waterers several times during the day.

This is just a fun picture of our last two groups of babes and their mamas eating.  :)

Speaking of babies, we now have Penny in the barn - she is due to have babies pretty soon. I'm excited to see her litter. Her last litter produced some very nice looking piglets. 

While we are on the topic of pigs, I should mention that we have feeder pigs available and are taking reservations for whole/half processed hogs (November process). Limited quantities available - contact us if you are interested.  Thanks!

Until next time...