Farm update

The sign area now looks different.  :)  I decided I didn't like the landscaping by the sign, so today my sister came over and helped me get that area spiffied up (thanks, sis!). I've been gaining confidence operating the 2940 and have been operating it the past few days to do some projects around the farm. Today I used it to pull the trees out by the sign. The first tree came out really easy - almost too easy. The second tree, however, proved to be much more stubborn. We thought we had it made after that first tree. Not so much. After a few pushes and pulls it finally came out. Then, Kevin helped us mix up cement and we cemented the posts in and then took the tractor out to the rock pile and brought up some rocks for around the sign.  After we finished that project we decided to take a break and took all the kids to see "Finding Dory."

My sister snapped a picture of me on the tractor.  :)


About a week ago we had more babies born - Penny had her litter.  Eight nice healthy babies. 

There are more babies in the barn besides the pigs.  Baby barn swallows!

The mulberries are all ripening up now, so we have 
fresh mulberry jam available for purchase now as well.  

Product availability update:
Meat Chickens
Our first batch of meat chickens will be going to the processor in a few short weeks. It looks like we will have very few extras out of this first group. The raccoons have been helping themselves to chicken snacks for several nights, and that has really cut down on our extra available birds this time around.  :(  We should have several extras in the second group though.

Feeder Pigs
We have feeder pigs ready to go right now if you are interested. 

Half and Whole Processed Hogs
We're taking reservations for half and whole hogs for an end of year process date. 

Pork by the Piece
This will be restocked in a couple weeks.  :)  

Please let us know if you are interested in anything.  Thanks for your support!

Now, let's hope the forecast of rain is right for tomorrow.  There will be much rejoicing if we get a good downpour.  :)