The best letter in the mail is...

...our Organic Certification Certificate!  This 8.5 x 11 beauty arrived a few days ago. Hooray!
For those wondering, this certification is for the 30 acres at our other property. The land where we are at now is in transition and should be able to get certified next season.

I have no clue why the photo loaded upside down (sorry about that), but you get the idea:

In other news, the kids finished their last piano recital of the school year on Monday, and today we wrapped up our school year.  It's a good feeling, especially now that it's go-time on the farm.

Kevin has been getting equipment ready and should be in the fields shortly. Some of the fields are unfortunately just a little too wet. But, we'll get there.

Our first batch of meat chickens should arrive tomorrow. I'll post pics of the new babies. :)

Last Saturday, we had several of our piggies leave to go to a new home about 3 hours north of us. We are excited that we had the opportunity to provide Large Blacks to this farmer. 

BIG NEWS  -  In the next blog post, I will unveil our new farm logo.  Stay tuned!