You know it's spring when...

...the hyacinths start to bloom, and giant worms greet you in the pastures. I love seeing all the spring flowers bloom, and it is even fun to see all the earthworms out and about (earthworms are a sign of healthy soil!).  :)

Another sure sign of spring is baby pigs! Our other young girl, "Rue 2" had her litter last night, and has decided to share a nest with her sister Raven. This morning, all of the babies (Rue's and Raven's) were nursing with Rue. It appears that the sows are going to share mothering duties.

Rue nursing all the babies. 

All the babies

The new laying chicks have graduated from down to feathers and will soon go outside into a mobile pen to finish growing before they join the older hens.

Wyatt caught a rogue chicken this morning that decided the grass was greener on the other side of the pasture.  

I have a couple big projects I am working on - I want to get some berry patches started here at the farm, so I have plans for a raised strawberry bed, and neat rows of berry bushes. I tend to envision projects in my head, and think they will get done swiftly and smoothly... that doesn't usually happen in real life. It's kind of like trying to recreate pinterest projects and not have them turn out like the picture :)  I've got quite a bit of clearing to do before I can even build my strawberry bed and move some raspberry plants. But, in my head this all is easy. We'll see how easy it is once I get going.

Here is where I am going to put a raised strawberry bed. The plan is to remove the bushes and giant overgrown bush and put a raised bed here. There are several old stumps hiding under the ivy that I trip on at least once a week. Putting a raised bed here will help eliminate the tripping hazards. 

The trees here will be pulled out, existing (and very tangled) berry bushes put in containers for the time being, then the ground leveled before planting berry bushes. I cleared brush from this area yesterday (that part was easy) :) At least it's good weather for transplanting.

We have done a couple of fun field trips this week. On Monday we were able to watch my Mom's farrier shoe her horse and a few other horses. The farrier actually makes the horseshoes on site and fits them directly to the horse's hoof. On Tuesday we visited Abrams Planetarium at MSU and then the Dairy Store (we might as well since we were on campus, right?) Yes, I did bring home a 3 gallon tub of ice cream...and then purchased a somewhat obscene amount of A&W at Kroger. I see root beer floats in our future. 

Here are a couple pics from Monday's field trip:

And a picture from Tuesday's trip

We got to carpool with friends to the planetarium.  It was a lot of fun.  :)

It's already time to start planning for 4H fair season... Wyatt is going to be showing our Large Blacks at fair this year, so this weekend we are going tag them and move them into their own area. I did a quick calculation and realized that fair is only 14 weeks and a few days away.  Yikes!