Turkeys and blossoms

Don't you just love the newness of spring?  Today we went on a nature walk and discovered lots of spring blossoms on some trees. We are hoping these trees bear lots of fruit this fall. The types of fruit will be a surprise, since I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the trees in the fence row last year. I am definitely keeping my eye on them this year!  :)  

Here is our favorite tree on the farm - it is a giant sycamore tree, and one that we love to visit and stare up at in awe and wonder.  

The baby turkeys arrived today! I was surprised when the post office called this morning - yesterday I called to see if the turkeys had been shipped yet, and the customer service I received from the hatchery was less than stellar. She basically did not know if my turkeys had shipped, and could not give me any other information. She had assumed they shipped because she had not heard different. So, I was left wondering which day the turkeys would arrive. I had planned on them arriving Thursday. I am glad they came today, though - that means they spent less time in transit. :)

I love the noises that turkeys make. Here's a short clip so you can hear them too (and you'll hear one of the kids telling the turkeys hi).  :)

I have to share my amazing new discovery with you. I can't take the credit for it - a friend of mine told me about it. So, I've been working on a few house projects this spring. One project has been removing paint from hardware, light switch plates (old brass ones), and now a light fixture. There is an AMAZING way to do it quickly and easily!  Just boil whatever metal object you want to remove the paint from in a pot of boiling water & vinegar solution (I did 50/50).  Here are the results from the light fixture I did.




After the final polish:

We believe this light fixture to be original to the house, so we want to re-use it in its shiny form somewhere in the house.  :)  

Update on Chicken Ordering  
We still have room for chicken orders!  We can take orders for up to 22 more chickens. Also, we are doing a batch of chickens raised on feed with no soy, and we will have a couple extra available from this batch. The price for the non-soy raised chickens is higher though.  Please contact us if interested!