Spring "Break"

There is a reason that "break" is in quotation marks. Our week off from school was not spent in a warm, sunny place. We spent the week redoing the kids bedrooms. By redoing, I mean emptying out most of the contents, painting, and putting things back in. Some new-to-us furniture and organizational storage was purchased, and everyone is happy with the final results. Here are some before and after photos.

Bedroom 1 - Before

Bedroom 1 - After

Bedroom 2 - Before

Bedroom 2 - After

The kids told me that now it is my turn to de-clutter. And, they are correct. Last spring when we moved, it was kind of a "throw and go" event - we threw things into boxes and vehicles, and stuck stuff in different places. Going through the bedrooms is kind of like moving all over again. It is exhausting work, but so rewarding. I am hoping to get all my sorting through of items done before the first of May, and I have plans to do some more painting downstairs this summer.

Remember the Easter babies? They are growing well and we think they are just adorable. Their ears are unlike most of our piglets' ears, however. The ears on a couple of these babies are standing straight up!

Rose and the babies

Here is a video of "Rose" and the babies

We had another litter of babies born last week. Like her sister, Rose, Raven (the newest mama) was quick to go from almost ready to farrow to farrowing. I had checked her previously during the day and thought she had a couple more days yet. I thought wrong! Since we don't have all of our pastures set up the way would like to yet, Raven ended up delivering in our original farrowing barn. Her sister Rue 2 and Boss are also housed in this barn/pasture, and so far everyone is getting along splendidly.

Raven and her litter, with Rue 2 snuggled up beside her.

I have to note that this is not how we planned for the mamas to deliver, nor is it what would be done conventionally. This barn is the one Kevin built for our original sows, Pepper and Rue, that we used at our other house. You may remember an old post I wrote about riding in the barn when we moved it to new ground. Now it gets to be used as a farrowing barn again.  :)  

This beautiful weather has really been nice! I've spent some quality time outside cleaning up the yard and around the barns, and re-organizing some things. The weather makes me want to work on several projects at once, but I have to remember to take one thing at a time.

The fields are drying out nicely, and our turkey litter (fertilizer for our crops) will get delivered sometime this week. Spring field work is getting closer!

I don't remember if I ever wrote about our other field getting tiled or not, but the tiling on it is now complete - it is so nice to see dry ground there! The field we had tiled has been historically wet, and as a result, we have never really been able to grow a great crop there. We are hoping that this year it is very productive since the water can finally drain off.

On Friday we had our organic certification inspection - which entails a lot of paperwork, inspection of the seed, equipment, and fields by the inspector. All seems to have gone well. Of course, we won't know for sure until we get that piece of paper in the mail. If I've learned anything over these past few years of farming, it's that worrying about things in excess does not do a body any good - I've been working on not worrying about things as much, and it has led to a much more peaceful state of mind.

Until next time, enjoy the sunshine!