Saturday on the farm

I decided to give you a snapshot of a Saturday on the farm. Here are some of the highlights:

Normally on a day like today, I'd have my windows open.  
But, right now we are sitting downwind of this:

Those are piles of turkey litter waiting to get spread on our fields.  Turkey litter is an all natrual fertilizer approved for use on our organic fields. We are offering free smells for those who would like to partake.  :)  

Some of the equipment used for spreading the manure on the fields.

On Friday we got to play "tractor parade" and pull the semi hauling the turkey litter out of the clover field. The ground was just a bit too greasy for the semi to maneuver easily across the field.

We've had a very fun-filled Saturday. John and I spent a couple hours in the morning running some farm errands (and stopping at Biggby).  :)  Then, we played the pig shuffling game... moved a litter outside, separated Wyatt's fair pigs, weaned a litter of piglets, and did ear notching and castrating on a couple other litters. I was finally brave enough to be on the scalpel end of the castrating, and, thanks to some advice from a friend, the job was much easier with her suggestions.

The "children" as we call the younger group of pigs here are mixing well with the other pigs. 

Wyatt's fair pigs for the year. 

The rest of Saturday was spent moving the young laying hens out of the milkhouse to make room for turkey chicks, planting trees, and building fence. 

We ended the evening with one of our favorite pizzas, the "BLT" pizza from Main Street.  If you haven't tried it,do!  It tastes a lot better than it sounds. Some friends of ours introduced it to us a couple years ago and we've been hooked since.  :)