Losses and Gains

Easter weekend was one of loss and gain. On Saturday, we lost our rooster, Moses. He had the longest run of any rooster we have ever had, and he was a great guardian of his flock.

On Sunday evening, we gained four new surprises - baby pigs, and not from the mama that we expected to farrow first. This litter is from one of the three younger gilts that we bred, all of three whom had yet to be named.  (We're still working on names for the other two gilts... if you think of any "R" names, leave them in the comments).

Pictured here is "Rose" and her litter.

One of the current farm projects that Kevin has been working on is rearranging the pig pastures. We knew that our gilts were getting closer to farrowing, but did not expect this one to be ready first. Kevin moved her in a pasture of her own, and that evening I checked on her - we both agreed that she was going to farrow that evening. She was in the hutch no more than 10 minutes and delivered her first piglet. She did great farrowing and is doing an excellent job mothering.

We're still waiting for Pepper to farrow. There's a high chance of her farrowing today - our pigs seem to have a thing for farrowing on a Sunday.

Yesterday, Kevin's niece got married. We all had some role to play in the wedding. We clean up pretty good, don't we? 

We are excited to announce a new product available on the farm. "Wyatt's Dakota Black Popcorn." There is a limited quantity available as this is from the 2015 season. Wyatt is hoping to grow more popcorn this year and have a larger stock available. Please go to our new Farm Products in a Jar page for more details.

This coming week is Spring Break, although what we have planned is not something most would call much of a break. We are going to be painting and rearranging the kids' bedrooms this week, and we are actually excited about it. Before and after pictures to come...