Animal growing season continues on the farm. We kicked off the start of farrowing season with Daisy's litter a couple weeks ago, and will be continuing next with Pepper. Her last litter was unsuccessful, so we are hoping that things turn out better this time with her. 

Here is Pepper all nestled in her stall - 

As with each new litter, I get excited about the arrival of the piglets - the miracle of new life never gets old. (I get some extra exercise in too with all my extra trips to the barn to check on the status of the sow). It's a win-win situation.  :)

Since we're on the topic of baby pigs, here's an updated photo of some of our last litter.

Our baby chicks are sprouting wing feathers, and I think I can hear them singing "I Believe I Can Fly." They are starting to get ambitious and see how much air they can get between their little bodies and the ground.

The unfortunate thing the chicks have been sprouting is a condition called "Pasty Butt." Many evenings have been spent in the barn cleaning up the chicks. If you'd like to read more about pasty butt, here is an informative article. I also enjoyed this video. Washing chick rear ends is not the nicest job in the world, but it is worth it to ensure the survival of the chicks.

For school we have been working our way through the 20th century and just landed in the 1950s. I like to include a food from the time period in our studies, and so, this week we learned what TV dinners were. When we read about TV dinners my kids asked "what's a TV dinner?" So, off to the grocery store we went. They each chose a TV dinner for their consumption, and then we brought them home, cooked them and watched "I Love Lucy" while we ate them. 

May you and your families have a wonderful Easter!