Getting ready for spring

It's (almost) Spring! I don't know about you, but this weather makes me get antsy about all the happenings of Spring. One of the annual events of Spring is the submission of our organic paperwork.

The picture below is a scene that I'm sure looks similar in organic farmers' homes across America. What you see is the workings of the organic paperwork we have to submit each year to certify our crops. After the paperwork is received, our certifying office will send an inspector out to our farm. After that, we await the day when we receive the certificate in the mail that says we are good for another year.  :)

Spring babies.....
The babies born last Sunday are doing great.  They have grown a lot in a week's time, and Mama Daisy is taking excellent care of them.

Sundays are good days for naps, as you can see from pile of pigs below.  :)  
I love how they all pile together to sleep. 

Spring is always a great time of excitement for me. During the fall and winter months, I somehow forget what new bulbs I plunked into the ground. I look forward with great expectation to see what pops out of the ground this year in my flower gardens.  I'm already seeing some daffodils, narcissus, tulips, and iris waking up from their winter slumber.

I also get excited about the garden, and I am getting ready to start some of my seedlings. Last night I brought in my pots of dirt to warm up. I'm looking forward to getting some seeds started in the next couple weeks. 

My mouth is already watering for a garden fresh tomato, how about yours?

Last Call...
Putting out the last call for Turkey orders. I need to get our final order submitted this week for turkey chicks.  

Still Room...
There is still room in the July 14-15, Aug 11-12, and Sept 8-9 chicken order dates.  
Thank you!  :)