Happy New Year!  I am excited to see what 2016 brings.  I'm looking forward to it with great optimism.  :)

We brought in the New Year by celebrating with some great friends, and then went on a road trip to Ohio today to bring home a new addition to our herd, Charlotte.  Kevin modified a shelter to fit in the back of the truck and it worked splendidly for bringing our new girl home.

Every good road trip starts off with....

We had smooth sailing the whole trip, so nothing exciting to report there.

When the coffee is gone, you can re-use the cup to hold baling twine from the straw bale you brought for bedding for the new pig.  :)

Here is our new girl, "Charlotte"  - 

You may be wondering why we drove to Ohio to buy another pig when we breed our own.  The reason is because she is of a different bloodline than any of our other pigs, and we wanted to expand our herd with some other bloodlines.  We know some great people in Ohio whom we also purchased our boar from. They had this girl for sale, so we took them up on the opportunity to purchase her.  So far she is settling in quite well.

The other pigs in the barn know there is someone new.  They were listening intently to all the new sounds.  Penny and her litter are doing great, and we are really happy with how the pigs are looking. 

I gathered eggs tonight and found a double yolk egg.  It's huge!  I put it in the middle of two normal sized eggs for size comparison.

Wishing you all a great 2016!