You are what you eat, vacationing and more

I had trouble naming this post.  It's been so long since I posted (September, where did you run off to?) that I had much to include in this post.

You Are What You Eat
You've heard the old saying, "you are what you eat....", right? Well, as farmers who practice organic/natural/sustainable practices, we try to practice what we preach and eat as much organic/natural/unprocessed food as possible. But, some of those processed foods taste so good! Toward the end of last week we started researching a little more on some ingredients added to food, namely TBHQ and BHA/BHT.  After reading a bit more, we decided that we don't want to eat foods containing this ingredient.  Thus, the cleaning out of the cupboard began.  I was very suprised at just how much food in our pantry contained these ingredients.  Here is a picture of what we removed:

While I am sad that these foods have left (some more than others - CheezIts, I will miss you!), I am happy that we won't be eating the additives the foods contain.  Do any foods in the picture surprise you? Gum and croutons are the ones that shocked me the most.  

The Farmers go on "Vacation"
Last weekend we took a vacation/staycation.  On Friday, we ate out at Tony's, visited Bronner's and equipment dealers (an equipment dealer IS an acceptable destination, especially if you drop your wife and some kids off at Bronner's before you go there), toured St. Lorenz church in Frankenmuth, shopped at an antique store, and bought a pizza on the way home.  Saturday we were running beans for part of the day, but the evening was spent at a harvest party and watching a movie.  Sunday we went out for lunch, relaxed and ate pie, and watched another movie.  It was nice to take a break, visit places, and watch movies.  It's not very often that we just stay home and relax, so it was a vacation we all enjoyed.   Here are some pictures:
Breakfast/lunch at Tony's in Birch Run

The BLT containing one pound of bacon.  

Outside of Bronner's

Can you imagine inventory day????  

Walking up to St. Lorenz 

Isn't it beautiful?

 Historic site across from the church

Growing Pigs
I thought you might like to see some pictures of our growing baby pigs.  :)

Meet the new kitty
This is Sylvester:

He arrived last Thursday afternoon, in the bushes by the road.  We think that someone must have dropped him off.  Kevin found him out there crying when he went to get the mail.  Sylvester is an extremely friendly cat and seems to have made himself right at home here.  The other barn cats have accepted him as a friend, but they don't let him share their bed. 

The two princesses 

The princesses watching Sylvester 

Self-Serve Straw
We have been working diligently on prepping a barn for self-serve straw to better serve our customers.  While it is ready for use, it is not completely self-serve yet.  The boys helped me paint the barn today.  It is looking much better!  Hopefully by the end of the week it will be fully operational.

Only the left half of the barn and the door is painted in this picture

Left half of barn and door have two coats of paint, right side has one, and windows are washed.

Harvest season is upon us!  It is an exciting and exhausting time all bundled together.  We ran half of our beans on Saturday and hope to run the other half this Wednesday.

I've been working on various painting projects while Kevin has been out doing fieldwork and other projects.  My next indoor painting project will probably be this:
Stairwell awaiting paint.  
But first, I am spending quality time with this (see below) in prepping the walls for painting.

The stairwell is a project I put off for a while.... a long while..... Now that canning season is about done, it is time to start working on those projects that I put off.  I have the paint already purchased.  I won't tell you what colors though..... I'll let you be surprised when I finish the project.  :)

Until next time, happy harvest season!