Self Serve Straw is here!

Great news!  Our self-serve straw barn is now fully operational.  Check it out if you need any straw in preparation for winter.  Straw is $3.00 a bale.

Wyatt designed constructed the money box for the barn and did a great job!

Since our yard is full of leaves (a luxury we hadn't previously experienced) we took advantage of the beautiful weather and played in some leaf piles.

One of our current large projects is to get areas ready for the pigs for winter. Kevin started working in the big barn on this. The barn had previously been used for dairy cows, and the original stanchions were still in place.  Here are pictures of the barn (lower level) before its conversion to pig stalls. 

Kevin in the barn.

The barn is one of my favorite places on the farm. We believe the barn was built in 1929. In the upper part of the barn, you can see the wooden pegs that help hold it together. If the walls could talk, I would love to listen to its story.