Ups and Downs

(I've had this post in draft mode for a few weeks now - I wrote it on August 11th)
Disclaimer:  This is going to be a very transparent post....

Farming has its ups and downs. Some years it is a lot of ups, some a lot of downs, and mostly a happy medium of the two. Although the years with more ups than downs are preferred, it doesn't always work out that way.

Monday (Aug 10) was a very hard day for me. One of our daughter's cats that she got for a birthday present was killed in a trap. I think I am taking it harder than our daughter. In fact, I know I am. I am the one who found the cat, and it triggered a waterfall of emotion that I have had walled up for a few months now. I have maintained a level of "even keel", getting by, "surival mode", day-to-day living for so long now, that it all just broke free. I knew I couldn't store up all the emotion forever, and I guess I am glad it broke free. Our lives have had so many changes in the past few months, and I have just been doing what I needed to do to get by. I know, it was a cat, and in the grand scheme of things, probably a very tiny piece of the big picture. It doesn't leave me without asking "why?" and wishing that it didn't happen. But, we still have two barn kittens and I hope that they live a LONG time.

After the rain Monday night, God gave us a beautiful rainbow.  It stretched over our whole farm. I couldn't help but think of God's promises when I seen the rainbow and it was a good reminder that God has a good plan..... even though I don't always understand how all the pieces fit together.

It also made me think of Job in the Bible and how he never blamed God for all that he went through - he experienced great loss, and still remained faithful. Granted, I have not gone through anything near what Job went through (and I am thankful for that!), but trials are still a time that really can test one's faith.  I am also very grateful that we escaped what could have been an awful event the day before. Our pigs got overheated on Sunday afternoon.  Black pigs out in the sun does not equal a good thing. We just moved them to a new pasture and for some reason they would not go in their shelter. Thankfully Kevin found them and got them cooled down before bad things happened. The big pigs are now very much enjoying their greener pasture. To me, it is very peaceful to look out and see animals grazing in the pasture.

The little piggies are growing and also got moved to a new pasture:

I have had these songs going through my head today (click on link to display link to song):

They have been good for me to listen to and have encouraged me that even though things have been challenging, we can get through it, and to remember to count my blessings, and to find something to be thankful for even in the midst of trials.  I hope that these songs can encourage you if you are going through a challenging time.