'Tis the Season

'Tis the season for many things!

School Season
Fall has officially started in some ways in the Wilcox household.  Below, our classroom awaits its students on our first day of school. Today was the best first day of school I could have asked for and I hope to have many more of these great school days.  The kids (and I) really enjoy the curriculum we are using now, so that helps the day go smoother.  :)

The end of a growing season....
It's also the season where our responsibilities lessen slightly, and increase to an extent. Next week, both our final batch of meat chickens and the turkeys get processed. The turkeys have gotten quite large, and they are really a hoot to watch. If you catch them at the right time, they all gobble at you at the same time. It's really quite entertaining.
I'll try to get a better picture of the turkeys on here next week - I was out snapping pictures real quick so I would be able to give you all an update, and didn't get a great picture of the turkeys.

And the beginning of another...
Our gilt (soon to be sow) Daisy is due to farrow any day now. Her due date isn't until next Wednesday, but I think that she will deliver before then. She is showing all the signs that she is getting closer to ready by the day. We have her in her own separate pen to farrow in. She is not too keen on being separated from everyone else, but it is in her & her litter's best interest that she is separated from the rest of the herd during this time.
Mama Daisy getting settled in

Canning Season
I have been working on canning everything that ripens. Today I did a batch of early grape juice and the last of the pears....

Pears awaiting processing (yes there is a wagon in the kitchen...)

There is a very old pear tree here on the farm and we are blessed that it bore a lot of fruit this year. Today I did the last batch of pears for the season. Next up will be tomatoes and sweet corn.

Kitten season
Our two barn kitties are growing and are adorable!  :)
Norah with Cutie

The end of another season
My father in law was a lover and collector of antiques. Last week they all got consigned to the Freeland Antique Mall (they have a facebook page too) to be sold.  Before they left, the kids and I had some fun taking pictures with them, so we can remember them. Here's a snippet of our fun photo shoot. Side note - if you see anything that interests you, follow the links to see the contact info for the Antique Mall.  :)  

In the "Ice Cream Shop"

In the phone booth

Mom making a phone call.

By the clocks