Can't believe it's over for another year....

Well, 4-H week is over.  It seems like it was over almost as quickly as it began.  I told someone on Wednesday of fair week that on Monday it felt like Wednesday, and then on Wednesday I couldn't believe there was only one day left.  Our family had a great week at fair - for us it almost feels like a vacation - we practically live up at fair, only coming home to sleep and do chores.  It is a great week of learning, visiting, and catching up with friends old and new.

A couple weeks ago we were able to purchase our own livestock trailer.  Kevin and I both continue to say how glad we are that we purchased it.

Pigs loaded and ready to go!

This was our oldest's second year of showing animals.  Although he couldn't take his chicken, he did make a display about them and took eggs up to the fair as well.
Wyatt with Bonnie - one of his 4H chickens

Reserve Champion Dozen Eggs

Wyatt had a great time showing pigs again - one of his pigs was overweight so he had to sell that individually, but his inner salesman kicked right in and he had fun making phone calls Monday morning and getting him sold.  His inner salesman also kicked in on sale night and we are still hearing stories of how great he did working the crowd and talking to potential buyers.  We like to say the sales gene skipped a generation.  Grandpa Bob's salesman spirit lives on through Wyatt.  :)

Showing in Market class

With his pigs

Wyatt won the beginner swine skillathon and got outstanding beginning Swine showman.  Great job, Wyatt!

In his stall

Wyatt's other projects included Lego, Pepparkakor (a Swedish cookie), Drawing, and Popcorn.  

Wyatt got a rosette for his Lego.  :)

Norah finished up her 3rd year as a cloverbud.  This year she got to talk to judges in each individual project area, and she did a great job.  

With her lego project

Lemon cake

Lemon cake at the fair!

Pointing to her pottery project.  She made a miniature Nativity scene.  Norah loves working with clay.

Can you find Norah??

Working hard at the Pedal Pull

John is not quite old enough to be a cloverbud yet, but he still enjoys participating in the Pedal Pull.  
Working hard

Enjoying the fair

To end fair week, I got to spend my Friday evening helping Kevin bale straw.  

I feel like I am finally getting more proficient running the equipment.  I really enjoyed baling Friday night, and on Saturday when Kevin was out baling it made me wish I was in the tractor.  I'm sure I'll get plenty more chances.  :)