New surroundings

Good morning, farm!  I just loved going out to snap this picture of the beautiful sunrise a few weeks ago.  I'm glad my camera has a date stamp, otherwise I might forget when I take these pictures.  I have intended to update the blog for a few weeks now, but, things have been hectic to say the least.  It has been a wild ride of transition, but we are starting to get somewhat settled now.

The animals are all in temporary pens/stalls/shelters, and we hope to have pasture fence up and running very soon.  The great news is....... drumroll.......... we are pretty sure we have a pregnant sow!!!  Hoping for lots of little "baby elephants" in June.  :)

The sows and gilts in a stall.  They were separate, but I guess they like each other now and want to share.  :)
Boss in his stall.  He wasn't being very photogenic this day.  But, he is super cute, and loves scratches.

Baby chicks!  We got Speckled Sussex for our new layers this year.

Laying hens anticipating coming out to free range for the day.

My helper telling the chickens to come outside, and directing them where to go. :)  

Spring has definitely sprung, and some things are springing into action.  I mailed out our organic certification paperwork today, so we should have our inspection in a few weeks for our re-certification.

The turkey manure has been spread on some of the fields (thankfully!).  If you ever wanted to know what massive piles of turkey manure smell like, come on over.  You probably won't want to smell it again after that.  ;)  It has a very distinct odor.
You can sort of see the pile of manure and the spreader getting loaded.

Manure spreader

Wyatt's fair pigs are almost ready to be picked up, so we have been working on getting shelter for his pigs done as well.  Kevin brought over the shelter on the trailer one day and we got it set into place.

Shelter on the trailer

Shelter in its new location.  Just have to put up fence now.  

Pretty tractor and my handsome man.  :)
Kevin had to use the tractor to help get the shelter off the trailer.  It's always nice to get to drive a tractor.  John was pretty excited about the tractor coming out to play too.

 I have ordered our garden seeds and some have come in the mail.  I have been watching out the window everyday and am delighted to see more spring bulbs emerging through the ground.

This is our project truck, which I like to call my truck.  I hope we can get it running, because I would love to drive it around.  I think old Fords are neat.  A 70s era one would be even neater, but this one will do just fine.  :)  It reminds me a lot of the truck my Grandpa used to have.  All it needs in it now is some Doublemint gum.

The chickens have been very happily free-ranging around.  They were stashing their eggs in places unknown, which have now been found.  Hopefully they start to lay the eggs in the nesting boxes on a more regular basis. 

Moses keeps good watch over his hens
Happy free range chickens
We have had a few fun events thrown in the mix too.  Today we went to Meijer Gardens to see the butterflies.  What a neat place.  It was my first time there.  I had a giant blue butterfly land on me that was just gorgeous!

  Hopefully we get to see some butterflies flying around our yards in the not too distant future.  Happy Spring!