Expect the Unexpected

Dear readers,
Many changes have happened here since I posted last. As you know, we moved.  We moved in with my mother in law to be with her during her final weeks.  She passed away on April 13th.  She will be greatly missed, but we know that she is in a better place, free from the pain that she was in.  We are now working on finishing our transition over to our new place and trying to get more settled.

The unexpected....
A couple weeks ago Kevin came up from the barn and said "I have interesting news...."  This interesting news was that one of our gilts was pregnant with our boar that we thought was sterile.  We were certainly not expecting to have a litter of pigs just yet.  She farrowed tonight, and has 6 beautiful little piglets.  Penny has graduated from a gilt to a sow and seems to be doing great with her babies. Her farrowing went very smoothly, and I am extremely thankful.  Now I am hoping that we don't lose any during the night. So far, so good.

Penny and her babes

One of our other sows, Rue, is due in June. She was very curious about the happenings next door tonight.  

Our new boar, Boss is thriving and is super friendly.  I have nicknamed him our "puppy pig" because sometimes he acts more like a dog than a pig.  Today we put our gilt Daisy in with him to get bred.  We are hoping that the breeding was successful.  

Yesterday I had quite the unexpected adventure.... the chickens were running around the yard with what I thought was an enormous nightcrawler.  Nope.  Too big for a nightcrawler.... then I thought it looked like an umbilical cord.... so I hightailed it out to the barn to make sure our gilt, Penny, was not farrowing.  Nope.  Not an umbilical cord. Wyatt discovered that the chickens were eating another chicken.  ALIVE.  Ew.  So, I had to go out and take care of the chicken.  Not what I planned on doing yesterday afternoon.  Glad today brought new life and not the ending of any.

Our sweet daughter turned 8 this week.  On Sunday we had cake and went to see the Wild Kratts live show.  It was a fun afternoon.

During the past two weeks, Wyatt's fair pigs also arrived home.  They are growing and Wyatt is excited for this year's fair season.

James and Paul

The turkeys and new batch of laying hens (Speckled Sussex, who I now call "the speckleds") are also growing and seem to be happy.



The Speckleds
Duke is still doing fantastic with the transition and loves keeping busy here on the farm.  He does a good job keeping things in order.

Until my next unexpected adventure, take care.  And, feel free to visit us if you are in the area.  :)