Snowy day

I know it's probably the talk of most people's posts today.... SNOW.   We also received a fair amount of the fluffy white flakes that got blown around fiercely by the wind.  And, I am grateful.  Yes, grateful.  I like being snowed in.  But, since I got married, I am no longer "snowed in" as I would like to see it.  Trucks go through snow.  We own a truck.  *sigh*.  Oh well.  It's okay, because I still got to be snowed in today.  And, Kevin got the day off from his day job.  That was nice (even though the phone started ringing at 2 a.m., followed by a text, followed by more phone calls before 6 a.m.).   But, we all got to enjoy a yummy breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and fresh sausage together.  :)  And, Kevin took the kids to piano for me this afternoon.

Here's some pictures of our snowy day.

Snow drifts by the cars

The truck that made it through.

Duke LOVES the snow

So do the kids.... 

GIANT snowball

Making snow forts (this one even has a cupboard - useful for storing the snacks necessary
for continued snow fort building energy)

Other exciting things have happened in the past week - John turned 4.  Time really does go faster as you get older.  I can hardly believe he is 4 already!
Yes, he requested chocolate cake AND chocolate pie for his birthday.  :)
I finished a new egg basket.  The old one I had made just didn't have the capacity for holding 3 dozen eggs.  

We finished up our study of Africa for school and made Mandazi (African donuts) to go with our Chai.  These were very tasty.

On Saturday, Wyatt participated in the Swine Quiz Bowl at MSU.  It was a great day, and we are thankful for those who make it possible for the kids to do such events.  Pictured with the kids in the Junior team is their coach Pete Blauwiekel.  We are thankful for his willingness to work with the kids.  He does a great job.

Hope you are all well and warm where you are at.  We are finishing the day with this:

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
And this:

Image result for ground hog day movie

Happy Groundhog Day!