Pig News

Well, the times, they are a changin' here at the farm in regards to pigs..... it appears that our boar, "Boy" is sterile.  :(  This is very sad for us, and we have had to make some decisions as to what to do next.  We are going to AI (artificially inseminate) our sows with another Large Black and hopefully have piglets on the ground in June.  The boar we are going to "breed" one of our sows to is one that we've used before, and resulted in a litter of 10 good looking piglets.  Here's hoping and praying for success again.  So, next week I will be expecting a package at my door that I somehow have to keep at 65 degrees to make sure that its contents stay good.  :)

In a few weeks we will be making a trip to Ohio to pick up a new little guy to breed our gilts to.  Stay tuned for updates (and pictures).  :)

We took in our first and second batch of pigs to the butcher and are now enjoying the bacon of our labor.  If you are interested in reserving some pork for the future, please let us know.    :)