Ovens and Popcorn

No Christmas post yet..... I am still working on our Christmas cards..... I had great intentions of getting them done before Christmas.... but now they are New Year's cards instead.  :)

I wanted to share with you our latest discovery.  If you have read our previous posts, you know that we grew some popcorn this year.  Well, the popcorn has finally all dried down and is ready for consumption.  Kevin had heard that you can throw the ears of strawberry popcorn in the microwave and they will pop (*ahem* when they are dry.... not wet in the slightest.  Then they burn, and the house smells lovely ;) ).  Since the ears are dry now, the experiment of popping the ear in the microwave worked.  I call it the "original popcorn ball."

On the left is the unpopped cob.  We toss the cob in the microwave for about a minute and a half inside a paper lunch sack.  When it is done, the kernels are popped inside the bag, with the popcorn on the cob left behind (right).  It's kind of fun to eat popcorn off the cob!  :) I think it kind of looks like a popcorn ball.  Maybe this is how popcorn balls got started?

I also wanted to share with you why I love my self cleaning oven.  My oven is a GE model, probably from the 80s.  We had a stove like it to start with in our current house, and when it went kaput, I searched craigslist for another like it.  I found one in brand new condition with everything working, even the self-cleaning option.  This is why I love the self cleaning option.
Before cleaning:
After running for one hour on the cleaning cycle

One big event that happened this past week (besides Christmas) is that Wyatt turned 10!  Hard to believe that we have one in the double digit club now.  We had a fun day celebrating - we had FooG's Pizza for lunch, visited the Michigan Historical Museum, and ended with Fiesta Charra for dinner.  Last night we had the family birthday party.  A friend of ours made the cake for the party and did a fabulous job.  Since Wyatt loves chickens, it was perfect.  If you need a custom cake, I can hook you up with the info to get in touch with her.  :)

At the Michigan Historical Museum by pictures of Henry Ford and R.E. Olds

Dinner time!

Chicken cake

Blowing out candles