Of mice and turkey

As most of us rush into the Christmas season, I am going to step back a week to Thanksgiving. I am hoping that some of you had the pleasure of enjoying one of our homegrown turkeys on your Thanksgiving table - I know we did.  I was really excited this year to be able to provide the turkey for our family's Thanksgiving celebration.  I even remembered to thaw the turkey!

Turkey thawing in the fridge.
Like any good turkey-cooking Thanksgiving chef, I rose early and got my bird in the oven.  It was a 22# bird, so it took a good while to cook.  At about noon I took it out of the oven (after checking the temperature of course!) and took it over to my parent's house, where we were having Thanksgiving dinner.  Mom had the table beautifully set for dinner.

And, here is the turkey

After smelling it cooking all morning and staring at it while I made the gravy, I could bear the temptation no more, and snitched a bite before dinner.  I offered my Mom a snitch too.  And she said "the breast meat is dark?"  I gave a smart reply, like "yeah, no antibiotics or anything... crazy, right?"  Well...... guess what????  Look closely at the turkey above and see if you notice anything strange.  I cooked the turkey upside down!!  In other words, NO, the breast meat on our turkeys is NOT dark.... the beautiful white breast meat was on the bottom.  But, since the bird roasted for so long, all the meat was cooked through.  :)  I do have to tell you that there is only ONE time out of at least 5 that I have cooked a turkey without any blunders. Early in our marriage we got together with friends every New Years Eve and deep fried a turkey.  Every time I forgot to take the giblets out.  At least I remembered to take the giblets out of the Thanksgiving turkey.  Next year I'll cook it right side up. :) Despite the upside down turkey, it was a great Thanksgiving day.  

Now, what of mice  you say?  Well, this evening as I was coming out of the bathroom, there was a mouse running in circles in the kitchen. Yes.  In circles. A well-fed plump mouse running in circles in my kitchen.  What did I do? I screamed.  My hero husband saved the day and got the mouse.  He says you just swat them like flies.  I disagree.  The kids don't understand why I screamed when I seen a mouse.  I can't explain it.  It is my normal reaction.  I can't stand those things!  Then my 3 year old proceeds to tell me this: "I seen a gray mouse during lunchtime.  It was really really cute.  It ran back into its hole.  But it was cute."  I asked him how big it was and he said "not super big."  Whew.  At least if there is a mouse still lurking about it is gray, cute and not super big.

In other news, our corn crop has been harvested and delivered!  Praise the Lord!  This year was a very challenging growing season. Our crops did not produce how we had hoped - after loosing our black bean crop, it was very encouraging to see the truck ready to go over to Herbruck's and deliver our corn. Although we did not get the yield we had hoped for, some corn is better than none and we are thankful for what we have. It was our first delivery of certified organic crop, and we are excited about that.  And,a big thank you goes to our friends for letting us borrow their truck to haul our crop in. We are so thankful for the blessing of wonderful friends and neighbors.