Birthday Dog

Duke turns "1"

Today was Duke's Birthday! In case you are a new reader, I should tell you that Duke is our dog.  It's hard to believe that he is one already.  The puppy phase is starting to wear off a little, and we are seeing some calmer behavior from our faithful canine friend.  We celebrated Duke's birthday complete with cake and birthday hat.  Duke loves Animal Crackers more than dog treats, so the kids requested that we make a cake with animal crackers on it.  Good thing Duke didn't care what the cake looked like - the cake's middle came out of the pan before the rest of the cake, so it isn't the prettiest looking creation. It was tasty nonetheless (us humans thought so too). 

Getting ready for the hat
Birthday Dog
On Tuesday we had the opportunity to tour the Jiffy factory in Chelsea, MI.   We had toured the factory last year for a field trip and enjoyed it so much I arranged another field trip for this year.  In case you don't know, Jiffy is a Michigan company that purchases local grain (within 150 miles of the plant), mills the grain, creates the mixes and packages them all at one location. You probably know Jiffy for their Corn Muffin Mix.  If you want to learn more about Jiffy, click here.  One of the highlights of the tour was that the president of the company came in and talked to our group, and even did a Q&A time. What a neat experience!

Never one to turn down the opportunity for purchasing local food at a great price, I stocked up on my favorite Jiffy products while we were at the factory. As such, Duke's cake was made from a Jiffy white cake mix and Jiffy white frosting mix. One of my favorite things about Jiffy mixes is that they actually expire!! Some foods have so many added preservatives that they are good well past the expiration date.  I was happily surprised when I found a box of expired Jiffy, mixed it up, and found it had gone bad.

Jiffy is a local Michigan company that I am proud to support.  Next time you are in the store, and see a little blue box, try it out.  :)  There are several recipes on their website using Jiffy mixes, and there is a Jiffy cook book as well.  If you would like a Jiffy cook book, let me know - I have several extra to share.  :)

Jiffy factory (center) in downtown Chelsea, MI