Canned Corn

It's canning season!  So, I thought I would share with you how I can corn.... (yes, I can corn...not freeze.  My family likes canned corn better).

First, you go out and pick the corn.  A bushel is a good amount to start with.  Then you shuck the corn.  If you have chickens, you feed them the corn shucks as well as any bad ends of the corn.  Trust me, they love it.  :)

Then you take your golden treasure in the house and cut all the corn off the cob.  When you have cut all the corn off the cob, take the cobs out and feed them to the pigs (the chickens got all the greens, so the pigs need a treat too!)  

After you have your corn preparation done, prepare your jars and your canner.  My pressure canner holds 7 quarts, so I select 7 empty quart jars, fill them about half full with water, then put them in my canner.  Fill the canner about 1/3 full of water.  Put on stove and turn burner on medium/medium high heat.  Select the proper amount of canning lids for your jars, and put them in a saucepan with water to heat up.

Fill up a large pot with tap water, and set this on high heat so it comes to a boil.  While you are waiting for everything to heat up, go ahead and clean up the kitchen a bit.  Corn makes a mess!  
After everything is heated up properly, remove the jars from the canner with canning tongs.  They should be quite hot.  I dump the water out of about half my jars into the canner, and the rest I dump into the sink with the dishwater. Fill your jars with the raw corn, leaving one inch headspace.

One bushel of corn does about 7 quarts.  Here is what I had left:

Add 1 tsp. salt to each quart, then add the boiling water to each jar.  Remove air bubbles. Wipe the rims of the jars with a clean damp dishcloth before you put on lids and rings.  This is VERY important!  If there is any debris on the jar rim, your jars won't seal.  And, that, my friends, is a big bummer.  
Clean those rims!

After your rims are clean, and your lids and rings are securely on (but not overtightened), place the jars in your canner.  
Ready to can!

Latch the lid on your pressure cooker, and let the steam vent in a steady stream for 10 minutes.  This is also a very important step.  I've never had a pressure canner explode on me, and I hope to never experience it.  I hear it is very messy.  I imagine it's loud too.  

After the 10 minute venting period, put on the pressure gauge.  Corn needs 10# of pressure in the canner.  I have a 3 piece gauge - each piece represents 5# of pressure, so you will see that there are only 2 pieces on it.  When you start hearing the "ch ch ch" sound, you know your canner has pressurized and you can set the timer.  Quarts of corn need to can for 85 minutes.  Pints need 55 minutes.   
Corn is processing!
When the time is up, turn the heat off and remove the canner from the burner.  I set mine on the counter on hot pads.  Let the canner de-pressurize naturally.  DO NOT try to remove the pressure gauge while it is still making noise.  Once all noise from the canner has ceased, you may remove the pressure gauge and the lid.  Let the jars sit in the canner about 10 minutes after removing the lid.  Then, remove jars to the counter on a clean kitchen towel.  You should hear the jars seal after a few minutes (you will hear a popping sound).  I LOVE this sound.  It tells me that I did my job right.  :)   Congratulations!  You are done.  I wish you well on your canning adventures.

All done and sealed up.