Surprising discoveries

Yesterday I decided to try to squeeze in lawn mowing before dinner preparation.  Thinking I could quickly run out, hop on the mower and "git r done," I set about my task with determination.  I got one section of the yard done, and decided to move on to mowing between the corn rows.  As I am happily moving along down the row, I see a turkey out, then a hen, and then..... SURPRISE!  The hen had 9 baby chicks with her!!!  I stared in disbelief for a brief moment, then shut down the mower and ran to the house to get the kids.  They were just as surprised as I was.  Wyatt has been mentioning the past few weeks that he would like to try to hatch out some chicks, and, unbenownst to us, the process was already happening.  One of our Barred Rock hens had gone broody, and built herself a secret nest that obviously none of us had any clue about!  We found her nest, still with 2 unhatched eggs in it, and helped mama and chicks make their way back to the nest.  When we arrived over where the nest was, we heard a peeping sound and found one more baby chick stuck in a roll of fence.  After a great deal of trying, we finally succeeded in getting it out and back to its mama.  They are adorable and the kids love checking on them.  Hopefully they will all stay alive and well.  Needless to say, I did not get the lawn mowing finished before dinner and had to mow for the second time in two weeks with the headlights on.  :)

Today I finished my 2nd 5K Walk of the summer, this time at AgroCulture Liquid Fertilizer - the Farm to Fork 5K.  I gladly wore my Grazeway Dairy shirt again and was blessed to be able to participate with the wonderful team we have, including my Mom, sister, and some friends.  I didn't beat my time from the Elsie 5K, but I was within 30 seconds and got first in my age group, so I am happy with the results.  It is a lot harder walking along paths and through fields than it is on the flat dirt roads by our house.

Go team!

We started our school year last Monday the 18th, and now have 2 weeks under our belts.  I am trying out a new curriculum and a new schedule, and am happy with how things are going so far.  The kids are happy and have already learned a lot, so that makes each day extra worthwhile.  We have studied maps and geography a great deal the past couple weeks, so yesterday we baked and decorated a cake to look like the earth.  It was a fun project.  Norah loves decorating cakes, so we made an extra for her to decorate however she wanted.
Earth cake

The kids are proud of their work!
Norah with her cake

Another project we did was make "Pepperkakor" - a Swedish cookie.  Wyatt is reading the book Pippi Longstocking and one of the projects was to make these cookies, then eat them on the porch while drinking coffee.  We all love it when school projects include tasty treats!  :)
Taking the cookies off the tray.  

I have been getting some canning done - my tomatoes are not doing great, but have provided enough to do some salsa with.  I have had to purchase some canning tomatoes to make pizza sauce with.  John loved helping process the tomato sauce with me.

Good times with tomatoes!

One Sunday afternoon we decided to get pizza and go to the park.  I think it is something we will continue doing once a month.  It was a much needed day of fun, rest, and relaxation.

This week we were also able to make a trip to the Grand Rapids Public Museum with my sister and her family and a couple friends.  The museum was housing a Lego display through the end of the month, and we wanted to make sure we made it over to see it.  There were models of different landmarks around the world built out of Legos, and they were very impressive. (Did you know you can make a career out of building Legos?!) The Grand Rapids Public Museum is one of our favorites, as they also have many permanent displays that are worth seeing, as well as the restored 1928 carousel (a highlight of everyone's trip).

Wyatt with a model of the museum.  In the background you can see some of the other creations,
including the Gateway Arch.

Until next time, be well, friends!  And, thanks for reading!