We reached a milestone this past weekend - on Saturday we received our organic certification papers in the mail!  We are very excited about this! It means that crops we take to sell this year will be able to be sold as certified organic.  :)
Our certificate!

Speaking of crops, we have had 4" of rain this week..... It is really discouraging seeing your hard work lay under water.  :(

Bean field after 3.5 inches of rain
Our black bean field after 4" inches of rain

There's a few survivors in there!
But, we did have other reason to celebrate this past weekend - two piglets left our farm for other homes.  On Friday our breeding stock boar left for his new home.  His new owners are going to name him "Jack."  Loading went very smoothly, and we are excited that there are others excited to start raising Large Blacks. On Sunday evening, one of our feeder pigs left for its new home.

All the piglets crowd the dish at feeding time. Now since there are less of them, maybe the can all fit in the dish.  :)
Our first batch of pastured chickens goes to the processor on Friday, so that is also exciting for us.  Given the trials we have had with these birds this year, I can't say that I am too sad that it is time for some of them to go.  Water has been the main issue - both with their seemingly excessive consumption of it, and rain water accumulating on their shelters. It gives us lots of opportunity to add more skills to our bag of tricks in raising meat chickens.  :)

You may have noticed our new farm sign at the top of the blog page. I had the idea of making a sign for our farm, and so I got busy. My Dad helped me learn how to use the router to make the lettering on the sign, and, since I am not the most artistic one in the family, Dad drew the pig and chicken and routered those onto the sign.  I brought the sign home and painted it, Kevin hung it up, then I put 3 coats of polyurethane on it.  I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Hopefully in a few weeks you will be able to see sunflowers behind it.  I seeded 3 rows of sunflowers in an area behind the sign.  :)

We are gearing up for 4-H fair week and all the fun it brings. The kids are very excited about fair week.  There is a lot of preparation yet to be done - the projects are getting done one by one, now it is time to practice showmanship with the animals on a more regular basis. This year's fair will be a milestone for us too - it will be the first year that one of our kids will be showing livestock (probably the first of many years of livestock showing for us).  I am very excited for fair this year and for all the opportunities it will give our kids. So, if you are looking for a very family friendly event during the last week of July, come up to the Clinton County 4-H and Youth Fair.  The fun starts on Monday, July 28th!

Come visit us at the fair!

The pigs will be shown on Tuesday 7/29 starting at 8:30 a.m. and auctioned off on Wednesday 7/30 starting at 4:00 p.m..
 Both events will be in the Livestock Pavillion, located just south of Peck Hall and the Snack Shack on the fairgrounds.