We have been SO blessed lately!  So many areas have had tremendous downpours of rain recently (sorry if you are in one of those areas!), and somehow we have managed to avoid most of it (thanks God!).  Today in St. Johns, they got 2.5 inches of rainfall.  The rain came down so fast that the Kroger parking lot was very flooded - deep enough that it was up to the bottoms of car doors in some places.  At home we only got an inch and 2/10.  I am so thankful that we didn't get the massive flooding that some areas did - our fields are starting to shape up nicely, and our crops are emerging from the ground.  Woo hoo!
A few small puddles in the corn, but nothing major!
You can see some of the oats (left) and some of the corn (right)

Baby Black Turtle Beans in the field

You can start to see the rows of beans
Our garden areas are starting to take off - they loved the rain today.  I'm always amazed what can come from a seed.  Below is a tomato plant that I started from seed.  Isn't it amazing that a seed can grow into an incredible plant that produces food?
Tomato plant in a tire.  Yes, a tire.  It's the best way to grow tomatoes (we think).  They absorb the heat and help the plants grow nice and big.  The only only downfall is that they do require more watering.

Plants starting to be visible - we put straw between all our rows so we (hopefully) don't have
 to weed a whole lot this summer.

Potato plants

The strawberries are just starting to ripen up.

And, we have a hummingbird that likes to visit my hanging basket.

Also a blessing, we sold our breeding stock out of Rue's litter - here's the little guy that will be leaving our farm to go to a great new home sometime in July.

The piglets are all still growing and are starting to eat feed.  They enjoy it so much that they try to crawl in the feed dishes.
Sharing a meal with Mama Rue

The feed dish is barely visible!  You can just make out the blue rim.
Some more piglet pictures:

Pepper and Boy have been very friendly with each other lately, so we are hoping that means a new batch of babies in the fall. :)

Pepper's first batch of piglets are all doing very well.  They are completely weaned and enjoying their own patch of pasture.

Checking out my shoes

Here they come!

The Three Musketeers 

Aren't I cute?

Remember the chicks I had to blow dry last week?  They are all still doing well, and growing nicely, another blessing!
12 days old
The first batch of broilers is out on pasture ground, and seem to be doing very well in their new location.

Last, but not least, the turkeys and other random chickens:
You can finally tell the turkeys look quite a bit different from the chickens - the itty bitty turkeys looked a lot like the chickens.  Now that they are bigger, they are starting to show more of their turkey qualities. They make fun sounds too.

Happy Birds

Barred Rock chick and "Alice" the Polish chicken.  Their expressions are so funny!