New life!

We have new babies!!  Lots of new babies - our farm was blessed with 10 new piglets last night.  :)  Rue went into labor late last evening.... it started out slow, but then things picked up pace. I was really discouraged at first, since only one was born and then there was about an hour to hour and a half wait until anything else happened. I was starting to think... oh no, not again...Pepper had a really slow labor too. We were just starting to think that maybe there was a piglet stuck, but then out came piglet #2.  Then more waiting.... I was still trying not to get too discouraged, and had to start being thankful for the two piglets we did have so far. Sometimes I tend to over-worry, so I decided to start praying and praising God for our blessings, and being thankful for what we did have. Well, not long after I decided to start being thankful, things happened rather quickly. It seemed like we would just get a couple piglets cleaned up and then more would come. In all, there were 14 piglets, but 3 were still born and 1 died during the night. Still, we are very excited! God is good!

Just born babies lining up to nurse.

Happy pigs this morning.

As I type this, Kevin is out drilling oats, hoping to beat the rain. He got the ground worked up last night. John was elated to be able to ride with Kevin in the big tractor. It must have tired him out too, since he fell asleep before the end.  
Getting the field ready to drill oats.

Drilling oats

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Our fruit trees are waking up and getting ready to blossom.   Spring is exciting!