Hi everyone!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on our farm. On Saturday we had our Organic certification inspection. Our inspector was here for about 3.5 hours - about a half hour outside, and the rest of the time inside doing paperwork.  We feel like everything went really well.  Although we don't have our organic certificate in hand yet, we hope to get it in the mail in a few weeks.  Then we will know for sure that everything went through fine.  :)

Our sow, Rue, is due very very soon - her due date is this coming Saturday, May 10th. Her udder is starting to really fill up with milk and her belly is sinking lower.  She is generally unhappy right now, so we know it will happen soon.

100 Cornish Roaster chickens arrived this morning, all happy, healthy, and hungry.  Wyatt also purchased a couple of Polish hens (whom he named Bonnie and Alice).   Look for the chick with the big puffball on top of its head in the photo.  That is one of the Polish chickens.  :)

New chicks

More new chicks

Can you find the Polish chicken?

Our new laying hens got to move into the new chicken tractor today.  It is very spacious and they seem to really like it.  Soon they will be big enough to go with the rest of the layers.

Boy is doing well and growing.  I think his ears are growing too.  :)

The piglets are also growing.  Daisy is still the biggest by far, but the others are finally starting to catch up. The kids really enjoy petting the piglets, as you can see.

Somebody gets a little jealous when we go in to pet the piglets:
 Duke is 6 months old now, and is the size of some full grown Collies.
We think he is going to be a big dog.

I've been wearing my musician hat a lot lately, and on my way home from accompanying one night I was greeted with this sight as I turned our corner.  I was amazed by how still the deer stood and looked right at me.

Our farm is being blessed by junk days in our local town. (One person's trash is another person's treasure, right?) We are always in need of hose as we run multiple water lines out to our animals - and, let's face it, hoses don't last forever. Today I came home with a trunk load of hose, and I am sure there is more out there for me to harvest.  :)  I also scored some old tires - we use them to plant our tomatoes in.  The tomatoes grow extremely well in them.  It is an idea Kevin got from the magazine Farm Show.

Some of my "treasure" from today.

Count your blessings, and watch for a piglet update - hopefully within the next week.  :)