Rooters vs. Grazers

I'm not sure how much I have written about our hogs.  But, in case I haven't written anything, here goes - 
Our Large Blacks are heritage hogs, which means they have different traits than your "normal" pig.  One major difference is that our pigs graze on pasture (like cows). Most pigs will root up an area as soon as they are introduced to it.  Not so with Large Blacks.  The other day we moved Wyatt's 4-H pigs to a new grazing site and I got to see the real-live difference between rooters and grazers.  As soon as the pen was in place, Wyatt's pigs (not Large Blacks - they are a Hampshire cross) started rooting up the ground.  Meanwhile, next door in the pasture, Pepper and Boy were grazing.  Here are some pictures so you can see.  It's neat to see a side-by-side comparison.  

Already rooting up the ground.

Digging in

Hmm... what's under this grass?
Pepper and Boy grazing

Pepper grazing

Boy grazing

Rue's piglets are growing and filling out nicely.  She is a good mama!

Our turkeys arrived last Wednesday - they are much smaller than I thought they would be.  They are about the same size as baby chickens, except that they have a longer neck and an extra bump on their nose.

 Baby turkeys

We've found that they baby turkeys LOVE the heat lamp

John petting a baby turkey
For science we have been studying botany - we will continue this study through the summer, since it is much easier to study plants in the summer vs. winter. We have been really enjoying it thus far.  Last week we got to dissect a flower.  It was really fascinating - everyone enjoyed it.

We also celebrated my birthday this weekend.  I have no qualms about sharing my age, so I'll just tell you - I turned 34.  :)  I wanted to share my birthday card from my wonderful husband with you. 
This card definitely tastes better than paper!  ;)  
Lastly, Wyatt decided which chicken to take to fair to show. Meet Frank. In our new batch of laying hens, we found out we had two roosters. Early one morning we started hearing extra crowing.  Now there are crowing competitions between Frank and Moses.

Wyatt and Frank the rooster
We're hoping to get on the fields soon.... still pretty wet around here.  I like to say that our ground has upgraded from soup to pudding. I did start planting potatoes today, though, so some of the ground is dry enough to work in.