Welcome to our blog!

Well, this is a new thing for us.... we have started a blog!  So, welcome to our site.  :)

We are gearing up for spring here at our farm.   We are expecting piglets anytime in the next 2 weeks from our sow Pepper (one of our large blacks).   Our other sow, Rue, is expected to farrow in May.  We also have our new batch of laying hens coming on Monday (let's hope the temperatures stay decent!).

I think that everyone here is ready for spring to come.  The kids are anxious to get outside and play, and Kevin is looking forward to not digging through snow to find lumber, etc. that he needs.   I am looking forward to being able to walk on the road again without fear of slipping on ice (I'm not the most coordinated person in the world).   :)

This year we will be offering meat for sale.   We will be selling hogs by the half or whole (and potentially by the piece), and meat chickens.   One of our goals is to raise healthy, affordable food grown locally.    In addition, we will be selling our excess produce, and we also offer farm fresh eggs.

Looking ahead to June, we hope to have our farm inspected by Global Organic Alliance and obtain our Organic certification for our field crops.

Thanks for checking out our blog, and I will try to keep it updated!
                                            Our large black hogs, Pepper and Rue, out in the snow.
                                            Look at those ears!  :)

                                          Below:  Kitty and Duke