Happy Spring!

If you were like us yesterday, enjoying the afternoon sunshine was the thing to do.   Some of the animals were even sunbathing!
Sunbathing chickens!   
Pepper in the straw pile with piglets around her.

Boy out in the sun

And, the kids and I were out playing too.   I went on a bike ride with Wyatt and spotted some cans along the road on the way.  After we got back I took John in the bike trailer and we picked up the pop cans.   It's not every day that someone pays you $1.00 to ride your bike!   :)  Norah chose not to ride bikes but just enjoyed playing outside.

We are getting more and more ready for spring here each day:
Pots ready to start plants

Fence waiting to be made into mobile chicken pens
With the warmer weather, the piglets have been venturing outside.  It is so fun to watch them come out and play.   The biggest piglet of the bunch is "Daisy."  She is the one we are going to keep to breed when she gets old enough.   Daisy is nearly twice as big as the other piglets - we think she eats the most food.  :)
Daisy trying to get some food from the big girls

Mama herding her babies back to the barn

Enjoying the sun

Daisy thinking about coming outside

The "girls", Pepper and Rue have ventured over to say hello to Boy.  He gets really excited when they come to say hi.  Since he is new to our farm, and we are keeping him away from the piglets, he is in his own pen for the time being.
Boy meets Girls
Duke had an exciting week too - he caught his first rabbit.  After our other dog Bull passed away in December we noticed how quickly the wildlife came back into the yard.  I guess now we don't have to worry about rabbits eating the strawberries.

Many of you know that I love to cook, can, etc.  I will try to post a picture of something new and/or fun that I make from time to time.  For a long time I have had a recipe for homemade pop-tarts just waiting to be tried.   I finally made them for Kevin for his birthday.  They were VERY yummy, and not too hard to make. I used raspberry jam for the filling.  These were good eaten right out of the container or toasted.  

I also tried a recipe for homemade coffee creamer, and really love it.   The website I found my recipe on shows lots of different flavors that you can make.  I just did vanilla this time.  Maybe I will be more adventurous for the next batch.  

If you are interested in the recipes, I have posted the links in the sidebar.

Enjoy your week!