New Arrivals

We had some excitement yesterday with the arrival of many new little animals.  We knew Pepper was getting close to delivery, and we were right.  Having been out in the barn for a while, we came in to get ready for our normal Sunday night routine of movie and popcorn.   Almost everyone was ready to start popping popcorn, and then we heard some new sounds coming through the baby monitor (we put it out in the barn so we could listen to the pigs).   Neither Kevin or I knew what the sound was, so we threw on our barn clothes and ran outside.   I peeked in the barn and was quite surprised to see two piglets!   From there it was a little chaos, since both sows were in the same side of the barn.  We got Rue out, made sure to keep the new piglets out of the way and got Pepper resettled.   After that, it was a really long wait.  About 11 pm we had decided that Pepper must be about done, and out came another piglet, followed by afterbirth not too long afterward.   We were a little bummed out that there were only 3 piglets, but then started counting our blessings when we remembered that Pepper was the one who was sick with pneumonia on Thanksgiving weekend (she was pregnant then and had to have a lot of penicillin to pull through).   This morning we found 2 more piglets, who were, sadly, stillborn.   We also found two underdeveloped ones.   All things considered, we are blessed that we have 3 healthy piglets, as Pepper definitely had an abnormal delivery (we hear it doesn't usually take that long), and that she pulled through the pneumonia in November and was still able to carry some piglets to term.   And, now, the long awaited pictures.

The first two babies out, getting ready to nurse

Keeping warm under the lamp

Mama and babies

3 little piggies in a row

Baby nursing

Remember that we had more baby chicks coming "next Monday" from my last post?  Well, they also arrived yesterday.  :)  A nice employee at the Collins Rd. Post Office called us so that we could come pick our chicks up early and spare them another night in a box and another truck ride.   The new chicks are all doing well.    Here they are:

It is certainly been an exciting Monday here on the farm.   The sunshine is gorgeous, and the temperature is SO nice! 
It is a literal breath of fresh air.   It is so nice, in fact, that I took advantage of it and hung my laundry on the line for the first time in months.   The shovel is next to the clothesline for a reason, by the way.... the puppy (Duke) decided to leave a lot of land mines under my clothesline during the winter.    Despite dodging the land mines, it was well worth it to me to be able to use the clothesline today.   

Enjoy your day, and count your blessings.  We are.   :)