Birds and Babies

I am sure you are anxiously awaiting the news.... sorry, no piglets yet.  But, we are getting closer each day, as you will see from the pictures below.    Pepper just keeps getting bigger!

The next picture is of Pepper and Rue.  You can really see the difference in their bellies.   Rue is on the left, Pepper is on the right.

We did, however have some new babies arrive these week, and will have some more in a couple days.  
Our new batch of layers this year include White Rocks (shown below) and White Orpingtons (arriving Monday).

Also in another week, we are expecting the arrival of our Boar, who for now we are calling "Super Boar" since he comes from a "Super" blood line in the breed.    Kevin has been working on building him a shelter and is getting close to finishing it.
We have had lots of visitors at our bird feeders, including two woodpeckers and a female cardinal.   The kids and I enjoy watching the birds visit each day, and the kids have even named some.   The female cardinal's name is Lucy.
"Lucy" the cardinal

Red Bellied Woodpecker watching a Junco fly off.
We are thankful the temperatures are warming up, as I am sure all of you are too.  
Only 12 more days till Spring!  :)