It has been another adventurous week for us!  It seems that there is never a dull moment!   Spring is (almost) here!  With it comes mud..... 

The mud on the truck was from Kevin's woodcutting adventure.  The mud has also brought other challenges, including an erupting toilet.  I really do mean erupting.   Not only did the toilet overflow, the water didn't stop running to it.  An erupting toilet with a constant water supply is really a sight to behold, and not a pretty one ( picture of that!).   Thankfully we have had no more bathroom eruptions, but given that it is spring, and we live in one of the wettest areas of the county, it may be a while before the toilet flushes normally again.

I am thankful that the temperatures were warm-ish at the beginning of last week for the piglets' start in the world. Life is always filled with learning experiences, and I got to have another one of those last week.   With the temperature plummeting last Wednesday night down to near zero, I was concerned about the well being of all our animals in the barn, particularly the piglets.  We have two heat lamps on them (and they have a mama), but, nevertheless, I was still worried.   Kevin modified the doorway so the piglets can't get out, but the sows can go in and out as they please.  This modification enabled the other sow (Rue, mama to be) to be able to go in with Pepper and her babies.  Now, not only am I worried about piglets being cold, I am worried about them being squashed by two big sows.   Once again, I am learning.... the pigs obviously know better than I do what their capabilities are, and all survived the night, nice and toasty warm.   Rue went back on her side in the morning, and all was well.

Here are a few pictures of the piglets:

Another new addition and fun story is the arrival of our boar.   His current name is "Boy" from his previous owners.  We are still working on names for him (leave suggestions below in the comments section). "Boy" hails from Ohio (also where Pepper and Rue came from).  "Boy" came to Michigan with his former owner who was coming up for a farm visit, and was willing to meet Kevin at Flying J for the transfer.  Since we don't yet have a stock trailer, and, since "Boy" is still relatively small, Kevin came up with a great idea for how to transport him home - my Dad's Honda Element!  And, it worked really well.   I still find it rather humorous that we brought a pig home in a car.  One of the most surprising things about "Boy" is that you can see his eyes.  I can honestly say I've never seen the eyes of a Large Black so well.  Usually their ears cover up their eyes completely.

We have also been celebrating birthdays the past few days - both my Mom's and Kevin's.  We have had a fun weekend of birthday dinners and celebrations.  Kevin requested homemade noodles for birthday dinner, and, knowing how much my family loves pasta, I made a double batch.  In the past I have always been challenged on where to keep the rolled out noodle sheets between rollings, as I only have so much counter space.  Today - problem solved.  Ta da!  Clothes rack turned pasta rack!  :)   And our good friend Ruth also made a fun cake for Kevin's birthday.

I have also started growing some veggies in the house.  Did you know that regrowing celery is super easy?  I tried it, and it is working so far.  You just plunk your celery end into a container of water (change the water every other day or so) and then transfer it to a pot with soil after you have some good regrowth (about a week).  I started mine last week, and it is ready to be transferred now.

I also started some lettuce in our re-purposed shop vac bottom.

And, we are hoping that our chickens will quit molting soon.   If the eggs in the basket are any indicator, it looks like production might be picking up again.

Last, but not least, here is a picture of Wyatt's rooster, Moses.  He is a Golden Laced Wyandotte.

Have a great week everyone.  Stay tuned for more adventures.   :)